8 glasses a day people! Intak® by Thermos® makes it easy!

I am one of the few human beings on Earth that actually enjoys drinking water.  Or maybe it’s not that I enjoy it, but it’s that I thrive on it.  I panic when I don’t have a bottle of water nearby and my body tells me when I am not getting enough.  Now that I am pregnant, I am even more conscious of my intake of water.  But buying water bottles not only was expensive, but I couldn’t get over the guilt of the contributions I was making to landfills.  Even though I do recycle, it just doesn’t feel right.  So the search for the perfect water bottle was on.  I have gone through many and have to say that I have finally found one that fits all my needs – it’s by none other than Thermos® and it’s cutely named Intak® .

So what’s so great about a water bottle?  For one, it holds water!  It also fits in my cup holders in my car – major plus.  It’s not top heavy so doesn’t fall over if the route I am driving entails curves or turns.  It’s spill proof.  I mean really spill proof (you just have to click the top closed and you’re good to go.  So when I have the cup holders in my car full of random items other than cups… I know that wherever I put this thing it’s going to NOT SPILL.  And even though it’s spill proof (of course only if I close the lid all the way…which shouldn’t be a problem for most normal humans) then it’s still easy to open.  You click a button with your thumb and viola!

Oh and did I mention no gross grimy straw? Even though the trick to drinking more water is through a straw… it has this sort of internal drinking straw or spout rather that is even better… (no sucky straw face in public).  Trust me..that’s a good thing.  And you know you’ve been there…  trying to hold a conversation while taking a sip… can’t find the straw… looking like a moron until you choose to break eye contact and focus on the more important task at hand… a swig of your beverage.

Two more things, it’s easy to clean AND you won’t look like a nerd carrying one around GUYS. And if you need to go rock climbing suddenly, or you just have your hands full and could really put that pinky finger to good use…  it has a carrying loop (as well as a contoured shape and grippy bumpy things for easy holding).

Ok I’m almost done here… (wow I didn’t realize how much I love this thing)….  it’s made from BPA free, impact-resistant and dishwasher durable Eastman Tritan™ copolyester.

Oh and if you didn’t already know… we  humans are supposed to drink  a day?  Eight 8-ounce glasses. And to help you keep track of whether you are getting your 64 oz of water, there is a cute little rotating intake meter that lets you monitor your daily water consumption.  Ok …apparenlty I could go on…but I’m getting thirsty.

Here’s where you can get one (or two or three)!
Now in Purple!
Thermos Nissan Intak Hydration Bottle with Meter, Purple

and Green!
Thermos Nissan Intak Hydration Bottle with Meter, Green

Thermos Intak Hydration Bottle with Meter, Red

Thermos Intak Hydration Bottle with Meter, Smoke

Thermos Nissan Intak Hydration Water Bottle with Meter, Blue

Drink up!

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I am sarcastic and love to laugh. I hope you do too!
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