The Fastest Wine Corkscrew in the West

Truth be told I am not one to turn my nose up at box of wine… my preferences in wine often are influenced by proximity rather than age, vineyard, mood of the grape, whatever…. However when I am feeling a bout of sophistication, I will grab a bottle of wine from my itty bitty mostly empty wine rack and indulge. Since my experience in wine consumption has either involved someone pouring a glass for me, or me twisting open the spout (those cubed boxes from Target are actually quite sophisticated if you ask me) … my skills with the typical wine screw are a bit lacking. In fact I am always impressed by the waiter who is able to open a bottle of wine with one of those little jackknife/screwy things while I sit and stare in amazement. Even in the comforts of my own home without an audience I have still managed to work up a sweat attempting to open the occasional bottle of wine with one of those contraptions. Somehow a wine bottle lodged between my knees while standing in the kitchen, tongue out and trying not to knock myself square in the chin when the cork finally dislodges just isn’t my idea of fun.

One evening while attending a wine tasting party, our host whipped out this little contraption and opened up a new bottle of wine quicker than I could say “pour me another!” Literally there are two steps, three if you care to waste the millisecond it takes to remove the cork from the screw. And that’s the best part!  This little guy does it for you! It’s as easy as clamp-it, pull the lever back… back again and you’re done! There’s no twisting or pulling EVER.

I just can’t tell you how fun it is to demonstrate my cork pulling magic trick to those that have never seen it before. Seriously, clamp it, pull it, pull it back and bottles open, corks free for re-corking and your guests are so distracted with amazement that you can give them the shorter pour.

Must have one?  Follow the links below to find and buy online!

Metrokane Wine Rabbit Corkscrew with Houdini Aerating Pourer and Metrokane Foil Cutter

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I am sarcastic and love to laugh. I hope you do too!
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