Drinkin’ Red Wine in that White Sweater Again?… no problem with Wine Away

Since I have never had wine colored carpeting in my home… (intentionally) and we sophisticated people don’t drink our cheap red wine out of sippy cups….  then I highly suggest Wine Away.  I discovered it in the Wine Depot checkout line and after too many evenings of wine sipping with my clutzy girlfriends (myself included)… I thought I’d give it a try.  I’m telling you the shiznit works!  Unless you want to waste a perfectly good bottle of white wine on your red wine stain then I say give it a try.  Plus, it smells yummy!  They claim it has a citrus scent… to me it smells more like cinnamon…  regardless… it smells good!  It’s also safe to use around children and pets….so you can add it to your list of “things I can do while drunk and/or hungover around the animals and people that depend on me to live” list.

Oh and it takes out red wine stains as well as coffee stains and blood.  (Which if you think about it could take care of  your typical crime scene following a good party for the hangover induced coffee spill caused by discovering the red wine stain on your vintage polar bear rug as the empty wine glass sitting on the fireplace hearth stops your fall…or ends it rather… OUCH!)

So for all you whinos…here’s where you can get your hands on the stuff!

Now go ahead and have that red wine tasting/disco party in your white carpeted living room….
Wine Away Red Wine Stain Remover All Purpose Cleaner 12 Oz. Bottle

About McMom

I am sarcastic and love to laugh. I hope you do too!
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