Sweet and Salty Done Right!

Dear Planters Peanuts,

Please tell me where I can purchase the feed bag size of your NUT-rition snack mix.  I would like to place an order for 200 pallets.


Your Biggest (literally) Fan

Holy moly.  Why do I love this stuff so much?  Could it be that it magically combines almonds, honey roasted sesame sticks, peanuts, walnuts & pecans?  Each yummy all by themselves … and then you throw in the dark chocolate covered soynuts…  I mean… you had me at hello!

I could literally live solely on this stuff.  And the best part is it’s not horrible for me – yet…  once the feedbags get here then maybe not so much! But it boasts to be a good source of 5 vitamins and minerals and a good source of fiber. It contains 14g fat/0g trans fat/2g saturated fat per serving and is a Low GI food.

Here’s where you can get em!

Planters NUT-rition Energy Mix, 9.25-Ounce Cans (Pack of 3)

About McMom

I am sarcastic and love to laugh. I hope you do too!
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