Hey what’s in your closet … and why?

I made myself this solemn vow after moving from a  much sought after single-story home to the Outer Banks where our new single-story home was on stilts. 😳 After hauling a carload of clothing up those stairs more times than I can count I told myself I was getting rid of half of what was in my closet. Plus surely all of this stair climbing was going to make me drop some serious lbs, and I would need to make room for all of the daisy dukes I’d be sportin’! Plus plus, I always felt like I had nothing to wear. So it was time to do something. The reality was I had too much to wear because when I entered my closet I had two problems:

I have underwear that are bigger 🙄

  1. I couldn’t see half of my stuff because it was wedged between other stuff 
  2. I was overwhelmed with too many choices

And living on the outer banks surely meant my wardrobe should consist of less clothing, right? I mean what was the last beach bum you saw wearing? Exactly. 

So 6 weeks after the move I had no more excuses. I dove right in and simply asked myself these two questions about what was in my closet:

  1. Do I love it? 
  2. If not, why do I feel I need to keep it?

Clearly if I love it I need to keep it. If there was any hesitation then I needed to put it in pile number two. 

If I don’t love it and it’s in pile number two… Then I need to have a conversation with myself. 
Me: “Why am I thinking this needs to remain in my closet?”

Me back: “My mom gave it to me/It’s comfy/I may need to wear it to an interview someday (puke).” 

I can’t help with pile #2 more than this: it will probably feel so good to just go through your clothes and see just how much you have and LOVE that you never wear, that letting go of the items in pile #2 won’t be so hard. And if some do land back in your closet then so be it. I bet your closet will look much less overwhelming and you’ll be able to check a “to do” item off your list. 

So here’s a before and after pic of my section of the closet (yes I decided to be nice and share with the hubbs this time). 

Now go drop that big bag (or two) off at the thrift store and pat yourself on the back for a deed well done. 

P.S. I am curious to see if I hear the little voice inside my head that likes to chime in while deciding what to wear on a typical day. The one that says “you can’t wear that, it’s too nice!” 

UM WHAT? Then why did I buy it and what exactly is my  goal here? To not look nice??? Jesus take the wheel…

About McMom

I am sarcastic and love to laugh. I hope you do too!
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