Book#4: Father and Daughter

Now available on Amazon! (for signed copies contact Brandi directly!)

The fourth book in the I Love You Forever and a Day series features father with daughter, with a special new character surprise inside. Enchanting illustrations allow readers to add their very own details creating their own version of the story. Keeping in tune with the first three books in the series, you will enjoy reading with your little one as they learn about shapes, colors, days of the week, months, and seasons of the year. More importantly, reminding them of how the time spent apart makes the time spent together that much more special. 

This book was inspired by the author’s father, a naval officer, who retired in order to be home after the birth of his daughter. Aspirations for a naval career all changed the moment she was born. Proving his Citadel buds wrong, who claimed he would never have kids, he’s not just a dad, he’s a friend, and an amazing example of what a father should be.

ForWebpageNow he has added Pops to his title with four grandkids to share his tales of growing up as a navy brat, and his many travels and experiences as a Citadel grad, and officer in the navy. His knowledge of science and history replaces the need to Google, and he loves his family without abandon.

Enjoy the journey following the mermaid’s tail/tale and writing your own story of the mermaid mom and pirate dad, and how their story unfolded. It’s a mystery that I know readers will enjoy solving together.

Now available on Amazon! (for signed copies contact Brandi directly!)

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