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The concept for the “I Love You Forever and a Day” book series began in 2014 when author Brandi McMahan was tucking her three year old son into bed.  He said to her “Mommy I don’t ever want you to be mean.” While pondering which “mean” thing she had done that day to provoke such a comment; was it the “No you can not put that jelly bean up your nose?” thing, or the “No you can’t go pee-pee off the front porch!”  thing? She then replied saying “I’m sorry that I sometimes have to enforce the rules but I always love you.” She kissed him on the head and then the words came to her as he drifted off to sleep. Her visions of a whimsical and colorful children’s book quickly took shape.

facebookgraphicIt took a few years to find the time to devote to creating the illustrations. Finally a move for her husbands job to the Outer Banks of North Carolina meant quitting her full-time job in Virginia.  Working part time from home and her son starting kindergarten afforded her the time to work on her book and on Oct 17, 2016 it was published! Based on all of the positive feedback, she began writing a second book and two years later her third!

Each book in the series includes pages of whimsical and colorful illustrations making a wonderful tool for learning and fun!  You will truly enjoy experiencing these books with your little ones as they learn to read along with you and as you discuss the important messages each book introduces as your child grows.momanddaughtercircle

Each page offers a delightful opportunity for children to learn and opens the door for many conversations you can have together. Whether it’s learning colors and shapes, to the days of the week, months of the year and seasons to discussing emotions and what it feels like to miss each other or reminiscing about and planning fun activities together.

Website-FatherandSonThe first book portrays Mother and Son, while the second book is Mother and Daughter.  The third in the series is Father with Son.  Each book begins with a conversation between the child and parent that opens the door for important topics such as discipline, feeling sad and being apart.  Then each book continues to depict how much you love them. No matter what!

Each book is a true family keepsake that will be treasured forever!  Get your copy today!