About the Author


Brandi McMahan is an East Coast native from Virginia living in the Outer Banks of North Carolina with her son Ethan and husband Eric. She enjoys the creative arts including photography, crafting and writing. More than anything she loves being a mom to her young son, Ethan.

The idea for her first book came to her one night when her son Ethan was two years old and she was tucking him into bed. He said to her “Mommy I don’t ever want you to be mean.” She then said to him “I’m sorry that I sometimes have to enforce the rules (like no lollipops after we brush our teeth) but I always love you.” She kissed him on the head and then the words came to her as he drifted off to sleep. Her visions of a whimsical and colorful children’s book quickly took shape.

It was three years later when she found the time to create the illustrations and finally get her first book published!  Quickly followed the second book, third and fourth in the I Love You Forever and a Day series.

To purchase your own copy visit Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Indie Bound. For signed copies, contact  Brandi directly. 

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